Blogs and Websites I Like


  • 101 Cookbooks. I feel mellow when I look at this blog and want to make everything she makes. I like and appreciate all of her flours information.  
  • Allotment 2 Kitchen. I like this vegetarian blog. The author is British, vegetarian, and all her photos and food look natural, not too contrived. I have made a few dishes. 
  • Belleau Kitchen. The author found me on my old blog when I posted a tart recipe. Then I found him ... charming. 
  • David Lebovitz. Pastry chef and American expat living a sweet life in Paris. I loved his memoir, Sweet Life in Paris
  • Diggin' Food. Willie Galloway once lived in Seattle and participated in a Tuesday gardeners forum on a local radio show (now defunct). She now lives in Portland, which is still PNW, so I enjoy seeing what she is up to in the (edible) garden. 
  • Dinner With Julie. The author is a Canadian food writer who makes beautiful stuff. 
  • Fat of the Land. I like this guy's philosophy. If I may paraphrase, that we should get out into nature and pick some free food along the way. 
  • Home Economics. I just discovered this in late 2013 after reading a piece she wrote ... somewhere. I especially like the simple look of the blog. 
  • Living Tastefully. In my mind I call this "Living Vicariously."  
  • No Love Sincerer. I feel like this British author was one of the first blogger "friends" I made while blogging at my old spot. I adore her travel notes and recipes. 
  • Orangette. I mean, really. If you are into food blogs, of course you know about this one. Fellow Seattleite, too. Her writing is lovely; her recipes are great. 
  • Outside Oslo. Another fellow Seattleite does this awesome blog about Scandinavian foods. My favorite posts are always during the holidays because the Norse do cookies like no other nation. 
  • Pie and Beer. I found this blog because I went looking for the author's info on Twitter. After not finding her on Twitter .... Anyway, I bought her canning book and have been pickling and preserving up a fantastic storm. 
  • Poires Au Chocolat. This British author is so talented with pastry - even before she completed culinary school. The recipes are gorgeous, the photography is splendid, and the writing is fabulous. 
  • Roots and Grubs. Who doesn't adore Matthew Amster-Burton? A friend gave me Hungry Monkey, and I make his bibimbap all the time. I plan to get his new book because I like his style. 
  • Tartelette. This woman does gorgeous food stylist work and offers workshops on it, too. 
  • La Tartine Gourmande. I love tartines, don't you? This gal's blog is so durned purty, you can't help but stare and click. 
  • Taste of Savoie. I do believe this was the first blog I followed. The author lives in France and takes gorgeous photos of her gorgeous food. She attended the Cordon Bleu; she's British; she skis. I do believe I am slightly jealous of her life. 
  • Tea and Cookies. Another fellow Seattleite and author. I like this blog for the story-telling. I feel certain I will run into the blogger in the city one day. I probably already have. 

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